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7 Chakra Energy Healing 

7 Chakra Energy Healing, Clearing & Activation Program

Welcome beautiful soul. The intention of this program is to provide energy healing, clearing and activation of your many spiritual gifts that your soul has earned through many lifetimes. 

Who is this program for and what are the prerequisites?

This program is open to anyone who sets the intention to complete the course, and use what they learn for the highest good of all. The program is positioned more at people who are relatively new their meditation and spiritual journey, however their are multiple aspects of the sessions that are more advanced including astral projection, past life healing, negative entity clearing and chakra activation. For me personally, I would have benefited greatly in my first six months of performing client sessions from this program. That said, even two years into my client sessions there are multiple aspect of this program that were new to me. I recommend watching the intro video above first, and if the course content resonates with you, then feel free to sign up. If you aren't sure, feel free to contact me and we can discuss further.

What recorded sessions are included?

These quantum meditation sessions are recorded sessions that you sit down and listen to as a guided meditation in the suggested order of; 1) Intro, 2) Connect with your Spirit Guides, 3) Crown Charka, 4) Third Eye Charka, 5) Throat Charka, 6) Heart Charka, 7) Solar Plexus Charka, 8) Sacral Charka, 9) Root Charka, 10) Energy Healing Activation, 11) Bonus video, and 12) Completion session. 

How was this program created?

After performing energy healing, clearing and gift activation sessions for hundreds of happy clients, I was guided to create a training course to teach others. And wow! What an incredible journey creating this program. It is a truly magical experience creating this timeless program with my Spirit Guides, Archangels, Source and Gaia. And much to my surprise I could see the souls who take the program, all during the creation of the; Connect to Your Spirit Guides session, 7 Chakra Sessions and Energy Healing Foundations. It really made the experience so fun and exciting.

Who can attend this program?

Anyone. Really anyone. There are no prerequisites. You just need to have an open heart, and give yourself permission to commit to the training session videos and to receive the healing, clearing and activations.

How long are the training session videos?

The training sessions are recorded sessions, led by Jon Binnie and includes all of the souls who choose to sign up for this course. In total there are 11 videos up to one hour each, plus the short introduction. So it's about 11 hours total that you work through at your own pace.

What are the themes across the sessions?

Each of these sessions is a recorded quantum meditation which deep dives with you into each chakra healing, past life healing, astral projection, time travel, removal of blockages and negative energies/entities, psychic gift activation and provides daily practices you can incorporate to continue to accelerate your development. In addition to this there is my deepest dive ever into connecting with and seeing your Spirit Guides. Also a session to get you started on the foundations of energy healing and activate your ancient wisdom and abilities.

How long does it take to complete the course?

It's totally up to you. I suggest you do one to two sessions per week. You may wish do this faster, or slower, it's up to you. The longer between each session, the more time you get to follow up on the homework from each session and do your daily practice. This is balanced with you feeling a bit frustrated if you do them over a longer time frame. Its all up to you. All in divine timing.

Can I repeat sessions?

When repeating sessions, feel free to do them in any order. Please complete these sessions at your own pace that feels right for you, this could be over days, weeks or months.

When can I join the training?

It's ready, right now! People are already taking part. You can sign up 24/7 and go through the training in this present moment. 

What equipment do you need for the training?

You. Ideally a quiet place, but it's to have some background noise. A place you can sit upright comfortably with a straight spine. For example in the lotus position. A mobile phone, laptop, personal computer or a device that can visit websites and play YouTube videos. Headphones. That's it.

Does this resonate with you? How do you sign up?

You can invest in yourself and sign up for the course using the button below. Thank you. Love you!

7 Chakra Energy Healing & Clearing Training
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