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Nela Ma'at

Nela Ma'at offers Angelic Healing, Spiritual Awakening Mentoring, and Intuitive Healing. Nela is such a beautiful soul and is a big part of my awakening journey. Please do check out her offerings.

Recommended People: Nela Ma'at

Soulviving with Stephanie

Stephanie is a highly gifted darkness clearer, healer and soul retriever. Stephanie offers online and 1:1 sessions in person. Stephanie is such a fantastic soul friend and collaborator! She has also massively helped my family and I clear out home, and develop my son and I's gifts 🤍🖤♥️

Recommended People: Stephanie Steinke

Tree of Life

We believe that every individual is a part of the greater whole and carries a certain responsibility towards themselves, other living beings, and mother earth.


We intend to help you reclaim your inner power and return to your true self, by helping you get into alignment with your core values.

As a community, we believe that values are the language of the soul, that speaks of the essence of who we are.


Recommended People: Tree of Life Healing Connections
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