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Trauma Informed Quantum Reflexology

Trauma Informed Quantum Energy Healing & Reflexology as a Mobile service across the Lothians.

  • 1 h 30 min
  • 122 British pounds
  • Client Place (Mobile Service - Jon travels from Dunbar to your home)

Service Description

✨ How is this service trauma informed? Mind - Prior to the treatment I consult with you (your mind) on your top presenting conditions and what you would like assistance with in the treatment. I gather any preferences you have, such as eyes open throughout, silent session (talking at the end), avoid exercises with breathing, avoid references to specific areas of your body, avoid certain elements (such as water or fire). I then tailor the session to your exact needs. Body - I use Reflexology to form a connection with your body, understanding the areas that we can help the most. Soul - I psychically consult with your guides, soul and higherself to be guided throughout the session. With their continual guidance, I am able to personalize your treatment to where I can safely help you the most. Energy - In my Quantum Energy Healing I continually read your body's energy points (chakras) and areas across your body, to understand what can be treated in the session, what healing can start in the session, and what needs to be left for the future. ✨ What is my Quantum Energy Healing & Reflexology Service? My Quantum Healing has been developed and provided to over 300 client sessions, and I also teach it to classes around the world. Combined with Reflexology, I use my Quantum Energy healing we heal and clear away each major energy centre of lower vibrational energies, entities, and attachments. As we heal you on a mind, body and soul level in the present moment, you heal the parallel versions of yourself across space and time. 🌟 Sessions are different every time and likely include several of the following; 1. Full Energy and Body scan to identify areas which need the most attention. 2 Removal, clearing and healing of any negative energy or entity attachment. 3. Discussion with your spirit guides on how to practice and continually heal your body/mind/soul and/or develop your gifts each day. ✨ What is Reflexology? Reflexology is a complementary therapy including foot massage and the treatment of a wide range of conditions. All of our organs and aspects of our bodies manifest as reflexes (or points) in our feet and hands. ✨ What is this Mobile Service and what do you need to provide? I offer a mobile service. I travel to your home and provide the service in your home, for over 18s only. - Please ensure you have a quiet private room. - No other adults, pets or children in the room. - Space required for the Reflexology chair and stool is approx. 3m by 2.5m.

Cancellation Policy

Requests for cancellation and refunds are considered on a case by case basis, are at the discretion of Jon Binnie, and are not guaranteed. If you do not show up for your booked session, then you will still be charged for the full session. Contact Jon Binnie at if you have any further questions.

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