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14 Day Spirit Guide Meditation Challenge - Negative Energy & Entity Removal


This Spirit Guide Meditation Challenge is ideal for you to develop your consistent practise, your energetic and metaphysical soul abilities. My Spirit Guide meditations are guided meditations I have developed as part of my daily meditation practice since 2017. I began meditation each day, connecting into Source (aka God/God Source/Highest Dimension of Love) and deep down into the heart of Mother Earth (Mother Gaia). By the end of this challenge you will be able to; 🔑 Connect into the Source of this Universe, and Mother Gaia. 🔑 Protect your energy, create energetic boundaries. 🔑 Remove negative entities and energies. 🔑 Heal your body, and calm your nervous system. 🔑 Innerchild Healing 🔑 Cord Cutting 🔑 And more! In these meditations I work with our Spirit Guides, Archangel Michael, Archangel Raphael and other Archangels. Whilst I do not consider myself religious, I do understand that some people consider Archangels as have religious connections.

You can also join this program via the mobile app. Go to the app


  • Set Your Goals for Your Spirit Guide Meditation Challenge
  • Which of the following themes would you like to address?
  • Intro To Key Concepts Universal Truths by Jon Binnie
  • Introduction to Spirit Guide Meditations
  • Connect Into Source & Gaia

Included in Plans



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