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Hi, I'm Jon Binnie. I'm the Founder of Heart Centred Wellness Ltd.

I began meditating every day since 2017 and it revolutionised my life. So much so I left my Senior Leadership career of 26 years in Software Engineering and Artificial Intelligence development to follow my passion to help the greater good. Today I offer a wide range 1:1, group and training services for your;

Mind - Mindfulness Meditation Teaching. I qualified as a Mindfulness Now Teacher in October 2023, and teach mindfulness in the workplace for stress, anxiety and burnout reduction. Experience my FREE library of mindfulness meditations here.

Body - Clinical Reflexology Practitioner (Student). I completed my Diploma course work in May 2024 achieving Distinction in the Reflexology modules and a Merit in Physiology. I now practice Reflexology at my treatment rooms and as a mobile service. Learn more or book a session here

Soul - Quantum Energy Healing, past life regression, spirit guide connections, astral travel, negative energy clearing, soul fragment retrieval and psychic ability development. I have provided over 300 sessions to clients all around the world in 1:1 and group sessions. In 2024 I began teaching others a range of mindfulness, meditation and psychic abilities. To learn more book a session here or learn more about my meditation and training courses here. 

My passions include assisting people with the reduction of stress, anxiety and burnout together with helping people step into their dream lives by achieving their dream business goals. For further detail please read my Future Vision Press Release FAQs:

The skills and experiences I gained in my Software Engineering and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Career included;

My latter roles included Senior Technical Management including Senior Software Development Manager at Amazon for 8 years leading responsible AI in recruitment, and prior to that CTO positions across a broad range of technologies and industry sectors. This included roles in software development and technical support across ecommerce, military, emergency services, IT, financial, internet service, surveillance, telecoms and energy industry sectors.

A passionate, innovative and highly motivated professional with over 26 years experience in a broad range of technical and industry sectors. I loved building products people love to use, in particular in responsible and fair artificial intelligence recruitment systems, online websites, banking systems, mobile apps, machine learning, augmented and virtual reality experiences. Equally I loved building teams, motivating, mentoring and supporting people to exceed their perceived potential.


To learn more about my 26 year in Software Engineering and Artificial Intelligence please visit my LinkedIn profile:

Mindfulness Meditation Teacher at Amazon (Volunteer role)

Primarily in my lunch breaks and spare time, from October 2023 to April 2024, I volunteered as a Mindfulness Meditation teacher, running weekly meditations for colleagues around Edinburgh, UK and Europe. I also ran a Mindfulness Month for the 50+ Compassionate Care team members globally, with daily bespoke meditations, workshops, engagement rewards and measuring reductions in stress, anxiety and burnout. I also ran a global meditation for the company as part of a Mindfulness program.

Senior Software Development Manager (Level 7) based in the Amazon Development Center Scotland

I joined Amazon in 2016 working full time and grew a team of four software development engineers delivering traditional software applications for recruitment to the Artificial Intelligence Recruitment (AIR) org of over 36 people leading applied science in Amazon HR globally. Our AIR teams used leading-edge Machine Learning/Artificial/GenAI/Large Language Model science-based technologies to evaluate applications, match candidates to jobs and detect duplicate applicant profiles of the 10s of millions of applications per year to Amazon jobs globally. Our teams consisted of Software Development Managers, Applied Scientists, and Software Development Engineers delivering Machine Learning/Artificial/GenAI/Large Language Model recruitment systems to scale Amazon.

In addition to my key responsibilities I also ran projects/working groups and events to increase employee engagement in Edinburgh for over 500 colleagues, career mentoring and career development. 


Key Responsibilities at Amazon

  • Since April 2023 I was leading the Recruitment System technical strategy and delivery globally for Amazon with GenAI and Large Language Model (LLM) software development.

  • Ownership and creation of Three Year Plans, Operation Plans/Headcount funding, Annual Goals Product Roadmaps, Projects and Experiments.

  • Technical Program Management of large scale software projects, for millions of applicants to Amazon jobs globally.

  • Lean/Scrum/Agile backlog prioritization, epic and user story creation, planning, estimation, delivery, show and tells, and retrospectives.

  • Technical architecture ownership of Serverless, Microservices, ML technologies and integrations with multiple People systems utilizing React/Redux, Coral, Java, Python and DynamoDB.

  • Authoring and presenting papers to the board of Amazon to present the customer impact, return on investment and future strategies.

  • Creating and presenting monthly business reports to Vice President and Directors.

  • Product Management ownership including epic and user story prioritization, project intake, customer contact responses and liaising with teams across Amazon organizations.

  • Travel to Amazon HQ in Seattle, USA and Vancouver Canada every circa 3 months to present to the board members and senior leadership.

Key achievements at Amazon

  • Created and launched the first fair Machine Learning Production system in Amazon Recruitment in 2018 called Automated Applicant Evaluation (AAE). This product fairly evaluated applicants to jobs at Amazon and fast-tracked them to the next stage in the recruitment process. 

  • Before this product launched we ensured it was fair for gender/race by forming a Panel of Legal, Compliance, Assessments, Diversity & Equity, PR and Early Adopters. This product is likely a world first in recruitment evaluations, which can fairly evaluate and act on applicants whilst scientifically evidencing that it can predict the performance in role for each applicant several years after they join the company.

  • I was a co-founder and key member of the Amazon Responsible AI Panel which reviews all new products on a monthly basis to ensure they are fair and compliant prior to launch.

  • I co-authored a framework of Responsible Artificial Intelligence (AI) policy, guidelines and resources documents to which are being rolled out across Amazon development team to ensure their products are fair and continually raise the bar on responsible AI.

  • Built and launched globally a machine learning system to automatically detect applicant profiles (from over 10s of millions applications to Amazon jobs) 

  • Built and launched job recommendations on, and job matching at offer/team placement for Amazon globally.

  • Built the Artificial Intelligence Recruitment (AIR) development teams from four people to over 36 people.

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