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Music by Jon Binnie

My mission is to raise the vibes of billions of hearts through my music, meditations and energy healing.

I write a song every day, with lyrics and music inspired by my daily meditations. I started writing a song every weekend. After reading a book called the Fearless Life Guide, I decided to begin writing a song every day! I have recorded over 1,900 songs, and of these, over 1,500 are recorded in my studios for my albums.

My music styles range from meditation to metal! I also love collaborating with other artists, over 100 so far. I also enjoy playing music live at venues around Scotland and even North America when travelling! I record most of my songs using my amazing acoustic Lindo Karma Guitars.

My home studios include Tascam mixing desks and Shure SM7B microphones all set up for the easy creation of songs each day. I use for my mastering which provides a consistent professional sound for all my songs which I distribute through and on YouTube as individual single and album videos.

All of my 117 albums are released through to major music platforms including Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music and more. In my world record submission I have provided the links to my albums on Spotify.

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