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Music by Jon Binnie

A key part of my mission is to raise the vibes of billions of hearts, through sacred song.

Since my awakening in 2017, I began meditating each day and asking my spirit guides for messages for the highest good of all. I speak these divine messages out loud and create songs from them each day.

At first I began writing a song every weekend. After reading a book called the Fearless Life Guide by MJ at All to Love in 2018, I decided to write songs almost every day!

As of December 2023, I have recorded over 2,200 songs in my studios to raise your vibes.

All of my 139+ albums to date are released through to major music platforms including YouTube Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music and more. In November 2022, I was delighted to achieve the Guinness World Record for the Most Studio Albums Digitally Released at 110 albums.


My music styles range from meditation to metal! I also love collaborating with other artists, over 100 so far. I also enjoy playing music live at venues around Scotland and even North America when travelling! I record most of my songs using my amazing acoustic Lindo Karma Guitars.

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