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Alyssa Sokol. Ph.D.

Doctor of Astrophysics
🎙️: @theorphicpodcast
✨Deep diving into the Universe you THINK you know
🧬 Quantum Downloads for your Higher Consciousness


"My session with Jon was incredible, and I believe it shifted me into an entire new energy. During the session, we visited a deeply wounded inner version of myself. This version of myself was lost, cowering, isolated, and saying “It’s pointless”, transmitted through Jon. As simple as those words are, they cut so deeply and accurately to my core, verbalizing what I am feeling at this point in my life. It was so incredibly accurate and I had tears streaming down my face- I’m not sure if my inner scared self had ever been so seen. We uncovered a past life that gave me so much validation around heaviness I have been carrying in my heart, giving me the opportunity to understand, integrate, and finally release some of these feelings. An amazing theme of our session that resonated with me was a visual that came to Jon about two waves or wavelengths that continually move in and out of phase with one another. Not only did this resonate with many recent downloads I have, but I completely understand that as I have felt so split between realities. This transmission really helped me to visualize what is going on and understand it in terms that resonate deeply with me. I’m so grateful for this healing from Jon!"

Alyssa Sokol. Ph.D.
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