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Amanda Marek

Reiki Master Teacher


I had like this big activation yesterday with Jon Binnie. I had a session with him and we did some work on activating and clearing my throat chakra and stuff so there will be more to come..

..So I did something a little scary for me. I posted an (Instagram) Reel channeling Reiki but also light language and I've been very scared to nervous to post this because it's something that's not well known of.

It's a little out there. So I have a fear of being judged for it and fear of people thinking I'm crazy. 

But what light language is, it's a healing modality using sound healing frequency using your voice it's like this healing language and sound being channeled from like your soul your heart. What's cool about it is the specific words said in light language don't actually have the same meaning so like with English and all of our languages. 

Each word has a meaning right and different words for different people can have different meaning based on their experience but with light language like one word can have multiple meanings. 

..It's not like this sound means this it can mean a completely different thing at a different time but like language is more just the feeling and the energy being channeled through the sounds. 

So yeah it's very cool I've been feeling very called to it and lots of synchronicities leading me to using my light language. So it's kind of a big deal for me and I'm excited and if you watch my Reel please let me know how it made you feel what energies you received from it. I also know that that Reel was like not my best work like I'm still at the beginning and the more I practice it the stronger it will become. 

Transcript from Amanda's Testimonial & Reiki Light Language Reel

Amanda Marek
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