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Mark Pilarczyk

Beautiful Soul


"Hey guys I wanted to give a review for Jon Binnie. I feel he's a really good Spiritual Mentor and offers a lot of excellent services for various healings that he has. 

I did try a few of them and I did feel I had some good healing from them and also learned some various things that are that is actually helpful and useful for my life. So I felt that was really good so thumbs up to his services that he offers.

He also has a lot of various meditations on his website that can also be helpful. I would say from beginner to experienced, you would find some benefit in that. 

The last thing I wanted to share was I felt his Higherself Foundational Training was was also excellent. I mean I felt I learned a lot in that course. Being somewhat on a spiritual path I'd say, yeah it was kind of fun too so really thumbs up to it all. 

Thanks Jon for your help. All right take care guys."

Mark's Testimonial Video

Mark Pilarczyk
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