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Vona Svald

Beautiful soul


"My name is Vona, I reached out to Jon for help when I was feeling unwell in myself. I knew he was going to be gentle and delicate in his healing. I asked him to do a remote healing because of the time difference. Jon then sent me a link to a private video where he carried out the ceremony, scanning my entire body and going through my all chakras. He was very well-spoken about what was going on and what needed to be done. Jon also mentioned something about new Spirit guides I had not been aware of. Overall, Jon surprised me with his accuracy, as there were details he talked about that I had literally not mentioned to anyone. The healing was very powerful and I immediately felt a release and improvement of my condition. Jon was kind enough to give me advice on what I could be doing further down the line. As well as scanning and clearing, Jon used Dragon light language to help with the integrations and activations. I am extremely grateful and really happy I got this healing from Jon Binnie, and I would absolutely recommend him to anyone who thinks they might need an energy clearing, or just anyone who wants to try it out. It is safe, reliable and extremely helpful. Thank you again Jon! 🙏

Vona Svald
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