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Jon Binnie - Future Press Release & FAQs

Press Release; December 2027, Jon Binnie E-mail Newsletter. 

Universal Perspective: Darkness and light are rebalancing across the universe, with planet Earth at the very centre. The whole world is going through a massive transformation. Global systems of greed and control are falling away, giving rise to a new world of equality, abundance for all, compassion and unconditional love. This global transformation is being supported by more and more people experiencing spiritual awakenings, to lead by example in this new world.

My Vision: My vision is helping this world transform into equality, abundance, compassion, forgiveness, and unconditional love for all. This begins within the hearts of all of us, facing our fears and shadows to feel, heal and achieve inner harmony. When we truly love the universe within us, and practice self love through self care everyday, then we can extend this to the universe outside of us.

My Customer Problems: Since 2024 year on year, almost 5 times more people are going through their unique spiritual awakenings. This rate is accelerating. These experiences can leave people feeling alone, confused, without purpose and that their old lives no longer fit them. The world needs us all, now more than ever, to embody and lead the way in the creation of this new world.


My Mission: My mission is to help thousands (and in time millions) of people navigate their life journeys through their spiritual awakenings. To empower people to find their life purpose, deepen their daily practices, embody and put into practice their physical, and metaphysical abilities to help this whole world’s transformation. 

My Customer Goals: I (Jon Binnie) are super delighted to share that as of today, to help this ever growing population, I have helped over 50,000 people navigate their spiritual awakenings life’s path through my offerings. These people have also gone on to help many more people, estimated in the region of 5 million people world wide (50,000 people go on to help 100 people each). 

My Personal goals: The key to achieving this scale is I put my self love, self care and abundance first. I always ensure I am fully abundant in love, energy, time, money and other resources.


My Tenets:

  1. My health, self love and self care comes first every day, over the demands of my business.

  2. I fill my cup until my self love and financial abundance is overflowing first, so that I (and I am my business) is able to help thousands of people.

  3. I highly value my clear and grounded high vibration energy, over the temptation to take on too much Client work. I take the necessary precautions between Client sessions to maintain my clean energy. 

  4. I create a sustainable work life balance, up to 80% of my capacity. Working up to 4 days per week. Everything I do is productive, including rest. My work enables me to be flexible, to travel when I wish and to enjoy my life to the fullest.

  5. I know I will achieve my goals, and surrender to the infinite beautiful possible ways I will achieve it. 


Introducing My Energy To My Customers: To help people get to know what it's like working with me and my energy, I offer a range of free services including; Mindfulness Meditations (Meditation Library & 7 Day Challenge) and free Spirit Guide Meditations (Meditation Library & 14 Day Challenge). I love creating free newsletters, live streams, long videos on YouTube (so people get to know me in more depth), plus shorter content on Instagram and Tiktok. For those ready to make an entry level cost investment, I offer services including hands on Clinical Reflexology and 1:1 or Group Mindfulness Meditations (in person or online). I am also delighted to reach many thousands of people through talks, events, conferences, group sessions and 1:1 sessions. 

My Customer Offerings: My service offerings include; Higherself Training Series, Highest Self Membership Group, 1:1 sessions and ongoing multi-month mentoring. These include practising and teaching Mindfulness Mediation, Clinical Reflexology, Quantum Energy Healing, Clearing, Past Life Regression, Talking to Spirit Guides, Channeling, Quantum Astral Travel, Psychic ability development and 3 to 6 month mentoring.

My Key Offerings (Next 12 Months): As people become familiar with and trust my energy, they go on to invest in my monthly membership groups (, Starseed Premium Meditations, Premium Training and Quantum Healing Sessions. Game changers in 2024 for me were regular livestreams and the launch of my Higherself Foundational 8-week Training, Higherself Intermediate 8-week Training course which are key contributors to my ever expanding membership group. In 2024 I also began developing more advanced courses requested by clients for negative energy/entity clearing and the Higherself Advanced Training course. In the first half of 2025, I run these new courses for the first time.


Customer Quote #1: Alice Stacy, aged 33 from Seattle US explained; “I’ve been using Jon’s free Mindfulness and Spirit Guide Meditations every day now for months. They are around 10 to 15 minutes, so I can fit them in almost every day. These helped me connect with my Spirit Guides, do my shadow work and begin the development of my psychic abilities. I was then delighted to go on and book my first Decoding Your Awakening Path, and Quantum Healing session and Higherself Foundational Training with Jon - all of which were truly transformational for me. I’ve started performing my own Psychic Readings and Healings for my clients. I continue to grow with Jon’s Highest Self Membership group and are excited to explore more sessions and Intermediate/Advanced training with Jon. ”. 


Customer Quote #2: For those who are more advanced, I offer a range of more advanced services and long term mentoring. Advanced services include multiple services of Decoding Your Awakening Path, Hidden Witch Wound Past Life Healing, Quantum Healing Sessions, Negative Entity removal plus other exploratory services. Joe Farlington, aged 51 from England; “I was trapped, a corporate wage slave. My journey with Jon started at free meditations and progressed over several Quantum Healing sessions to 6 month Spiritual Mentoring. In this I did my shadow work, activated my gifts, defined my dream life and launched my new business blending Tarot, and Spirit Guide-based Counselling”. 


My Abundance Goals: In December 2023, I started my take home pay at £0 from my Spiritual Mentoring, ending the year covering my costs (website, Zoom, MailChimp at around £750). In April 2024, I left my Corporate job and 26 years in Software Engineering & Artificial Intelligence. In 2024, I made my first £10k months. In 2025 I made this sustainable and achieved £TBCk and in 2026 increased this to £TBCk, in 2027 exceeding my wildest dreams. In 2027 and beyond I continue to evolve my business model helping thousands more people whilst increasing the flexibility and sustainability in my life.


My Abundance Goal (12 months): My pay is now £TBCk, with around 70% coming from passive income (Meditations and Trainings) and 30% direct 1:1 services (Mindfulness, Reflexology, Quantum Healing & Mentoring). This enables me to have the flexibility in my life that I have always craved, travelling Europe and the World with my Wife. I am so honoured to visit so many magical places and people this world has to offer.


What is the primary customer problem you are solving?

These experiences can leave people feeling alone, confused, without purpose and that their old lives no longer fit them. Their whole life is turned upside down leaving them feeling confused, scared and lonely often ridiculed by their old friends and family. For example in this research; “Among barriers to sharing experiences, participants noted their concern that they would be misunderstood or ridiculed by others.” Spiritual awakening and transformation in scientists and academics - ScienceDirect (54 people).


I predict in 2024 more than four times more people (compared to 2023) will experience their big awakenings. Their awakening journeys will be faster, and more intense than ever before. There is a lack of awakened mentors, communities and other support mechanisms to support the newly awakened. The world population needs to ascend (as many that chose to), for the sake of the future of this planet and the universe. 


Who are my Clients?

My Clients are anyone on the planet who resonates with both the problems I help address and solutions I offer.  My Clients are delighted to pay my prices that I am excited to sustainably serve them at. My Clients can engage with my offerings at any level, ranging from free meditations through to my high cost services, training and mentoring. My Clients are delighted to be treated equally by me at every level of my offerings they engage with.

What my the primary goal for the end of 2024?

By the end of 2024, I will independently earn at least £TBCk take home pay (after tax). This is from multiple income sources including my spiritual mentoring, in a sustainable manner and for the highest good of all.


What are my gaps to achieving my mission & goals?

  1. Adjusting to my new life, work and identify since I left the Software Industry.

  2. How to identify a sufficient sized client funnel, nurture my clients, converting from free, to regular and high worth clients - the right balance for me.


What ideas do I have to closing my gaps?

  1. Practise putting myself first, filling my heart with joy and filling my heart with such love.


What is holding me back?

  1. Learning and practising putting first my self love, self care and abundance.

  2. My Corporate job - Garden leave until May 30th.

  3. A self limiting feeling, that my mission and goals are not possible.

  4. My addiction to lack. Fear of not having enough money for my family, my homes, and a comfortable life. I push myself too hard, when I feel in lack.

  5. Sometimes investing my time in the clients that aren't a great match for my offerings.

  6. Fear of ridicule, and my family being ridiculed. 

  7. Bad habits - food, low vibe movies.

  8. Lack of knowledge about being self employed/my own business.

  9. Self doubt about my abilities, mentoring, psychic abilities.


What are my ideas to release me from what holds me back?

  1. Left my Corporate job on April 30th. 

  2. Constantly seek and explore ways to rewrite my self limiting beliefs and programming.

  3. Continually work on myself, face my shadows, my fears, my worst-case scenarios, and prove to myself I can achieve anything I wish in every present moment.

  4. In every moment, embody self love and self care first.

  5. Putting myself into new situations constantly, to overcome my fears of ridicule.


What are my primary services and business funnels?

  1. Free Tier - Mindfulness Meditations, Spirit Guide Meditations and Challenges, Free Workshops, Free Online Training, Free Newsletters, Live streams, YouTube long content, Instagram and Tiktok <10 minute content.

  2. Low Cost Premium - Starseed meditations, Udemy Training (e.g. Learn Light Language), Patreon Membership, Jon Binnie Membership group access. 

  3. Affordable Services - Mindfulness, Reflexology, Quantum Healing Sessions, discounted access to Jon Binnie services. Foundational training programs.

  4. Full Services - Decode Your Awakening Path, Hidden Witch Wound Past Life Healing, Newly Awakened Foundational Sessions, Quantum Healing Sessions. Negative Entity removal. Talk with deceased loved ones.  

  5. Ongoing - Discounts for multiple sessions (4 for the price of 3), Loyalty Point Rewards/discounts, Referral discounts, 

What are my ongoing offerings - Training, Membership and Ongoing Mentorship?

  1. Higherself Foundational Training

  2. Higherself Intermediate Training

  3. Advance from multiple sessions.

  4. 3 to 6 month Spiritual Mentoring - Define Your Dream Life, Shadow Work, Soul Gift Activation & Business Development

  5. Adhoc Spiritual and Business Mentoring


What is the Higherself Foundational Training Course?

For the latest details see:

The Higherself Foundational Training program - an 8 week program with one 60 minute live Zoom session per week. Starts July 2024. Benefits you gain from this course!

✨️ Week 1 - Mindfulness & Spirit Guide Meditations to do your inner work and develop your soul gifts. A library of guided meditations to develop your practice. Learn concepts of awakenings, unity over duality, escaping the matrix, soul purpose, higherself, spirit guides, energy first universe, quantum energy, galactic families and ascension of this universe. Live meditation - ground ourselves into Source and Mother Gaia. Daily meditations.

✨️ Week 2 - Spiritual hygiene practices to accelerate your ascension. How your frequency & vibration create your reality. Intro to quantum energy and universal laws. Live meditation to learn quantum energy healing beginning with hearth chakra healing energy. Homework - Beautiful Body Healing, 3 Keys To Your Awakening workshop, Protection before sleep & daily meditation.

✨️ Week 3 - Manifest your dream life. Learning your soul & life purposes. Soul Tree of Life. Future self Press Release & FAQs. Manifestation meditations.

✨️ Week 4 - Shadow work, past Lifetimes, soul fragments & retrievals, negative entity removal, unlock your soul gifts & your dream life.

✨️ Week 5 - Practice quantum energy protection & clearing, portals, chakra scans, healing & readings.

✨️ Week 6 - Talk to your spirit guides & galactic families.

✨️ Week 7 - Quantum energy healing & soul gift activation practices - rainbow activation, super powers, soul gifts, past life healing.

✨️ Week 8 - Advanced concepts - Channelling, light language, grid work, past life regression, astral travel. Each week you are assigned tasks to develop your skills and practices. Membership group - sharing and connecting with others in the membership group.

You can also join this program via the mobile app.


What is the Higherself Intermediate Training Course Agenda?

For the latest details see:

Intermediate (Highest Self) Training Course teaching everything Spiritual Mentor - Jon Binnie has learned over many lifetimes helping hundreds of people. Delivered as an 8 week online course with weekly 1.5 hour group Zoom sessions.


Who this course is for;

✨️ Reiki Healers, Tarot Readers, Psychic Mediums, Quantum Healers, Spiritual Mentors/Coachers & Teachers. ✨️ People who hold a completion certificate for the Higherself Foundational Training Course, or equivalent training from Jon Binnie (reviewed on a case by case basis).

✨️ Complete the application questionnaire to ensure this course is at the right level for you. Why would you take this course?

✨️ You want to level up your metaphysical skills and abilities including crystal clear channeling from your spirit guides, limitless quantum energy protection/clearing/healing, learn past life regression, healing witch wounds, removing and protection from negative entities, cord cutting, soul retrieval, grid work, developing your 1:1 & ongoing client sessions, doing live readings/sessions and building your dream life/dream business.

✨️ Week 1 - Quantum Energy Healing - Chakra Scan and Healing/Entity Removal/Gift Activation. Different types of Light Language. Home tasks - Daily spirit guide meditations.

✨️ Week 2 - Past Life Regression and Healing - Hidden Witch Wounds. Identify your super powers.

✨️ Week 3 - Your shadow work, facing your greatest fears. Negative attachments, protection against attacks, clearing someone’s home. Differences between cords, attachments.

✨️ Week 4 - Running a client session. Safe Space. Bring forward a Spirit Guide for a Client. Talk to them. Set the Intention. Do the work. Mediumship. Readings for others.

✨️ Week 5 - Soul Retrieval. Go to Hell. Retrieve soul fragment. Heal and integrate. Your health. Your energy. Clearing. Grounding/ Protection.

✨️ Week 6 - Grid work. Sacred sites. Past lives. Planet grid activation. Gatekeepers of the grid.

✨️ Week 7 - Multiple client sessions. Continuous progression. Receiving messages in between. Live client readings and quantum sessions.

✨️ Week 8 - Getting started in your own business. Vision. Dream Life. Gaps. Actions. Services. Divinely guided. Matching and raising your clients vibes. Booking sessions. Continuous development.

✨️Next steps after this course include 1:1 sessions, 3 to 6 month mentoring and the advanced training course.

What is the Highest Self Membership Group?

For the latest details see:


Welcome to Jon Binnie's premium Highest Self Membership Group page. Come join a tribe of beautiful souls from around the world, all on our own unique awakening journeys. Join our membership group to support you on your journey to become your highest self.

Do you feel like;

  • Your vibe is attracting your tribe?

  • Your higher self, your highest self is calling your name?

  • You are tired of being alone on your awakening journey?

  • You want to develop your quantum energy clearing and healing abilities?

  • You are ready to develop your psychic gifts in a safe and ethical environment?

  • You are being guided to connect with a mentor and membership group you can truly trust?

  • You are ready to deepen your meditation practice and have a safe space to share your experiences?

Membership Costs & Discounts

Membership Launch Date: March 1st 2024

Costs & Discounts:

  • Higherself Foundation & Intermediate Training members get access for free until the end of the training course. If you don't already have access please E-mail: 

  • Everyone else pays £33 per month.

Frequently Asked Questions

What day of the week and times/timezones are the group zoom sessions?

We will alternative different days of the week and times to allow a balance of attendance of members around the world. initially we will experiment with Sundays and Mondays in the afternoon US/Canada time zones and evening/night UK times.

What happens if I miss a group zoom session? Can I watch a replay?

Yes! Good news a replay will be made available for you for you to watch anytime.

When can I cancel?

We'd love you to never cancel, however you can choose to cancel anytime. If you decide to cancel, you just need to pay up to the end of that calendar month and your membership continues for the same period.


Got any questions? E-mail:

What is the Higherself Advanced Training Course Agenda? (Draft in progress)

  • Group Mentoring? (Shadow/Dream Life/Activation/Business Coaching?)

  • Entity Removal

  • Channeling Spirit Guides

  • Channeling any Being

  • Speak Light Language, channeling, light codes, toning and frequencies.

  • Quantum Energy Healing Physical Body, Nervous System.

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