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Free Meditations to Develop Your Daily Practice


Free meditations under 10 minutes each to help develop your daily practice, supporting you on your ascension journey. These meditations help you connect with Source and Mother Gaia, set up Protection before Sleep, remove negative entities and energies with Archangels Michael and Raphael, and talk to your Spirit Guides. Hi, my name is Jon Binnie and its my mission to raise the vibrations of billions of hearts. Since my major awakening in 2017, I began meditating every day. By meditating each day and asking my Spirit Guides for messages, I have written over 129 album and I have performed energy healings for hundreds of happy clients. It is time I share my practices with the world. I hope these meditations help you develop your meditation practice. All I ask in return that you sign up for my newsletter on my website home page Also, if you enjoy them, please share your experiences with the world and tag me. Also please share these meditations with the world, again tagging me. Thank you. Sending my love from Scotland. Jon Binnie

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