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Highest Self Membership Group

Welcome to Jon Binnie's premium Highest Self Membership Group page. Come join a tribe of beautiful souls from around the world, all on our own unique awakening journeys. Join our membership group to support you on your journey to become your highest self.

Do you feel like;

  • Your vibe is attracting your tribe?

  • Your higher self, your highest self is calling your name?

  • You are tired of being alone on your awakening journey?

  • You want to develop your quantum energy clearing and healing abilities?

  • You are ready to develop your psychic gifts in a safe and ethical environment?

  • You are being guided to connect with a mentor and membership group you can truly trust?

  • You are ready to deepen your meditation practice and have a safe space to share your experiences?

Membership Costs & Discounts

Membership Launch Date: March 1st 2024

Costs & Discounts:

  • Higherself Foundational Training members get access for free until the end of the training course. If you don't already have free access please E-mail: 

  • Previous and existing customers get an amazing VIP Discount of £22 (instead of £33) per month. Once you sign up you pay £22 per month for life - no price increases. This VIP discount is valid for sign ups only up until April 30th 2024. To access your discount E-mail: and remind Jon of the last service/training you purchased.

  • Everyone else pays £33 per month.

Got any questions? E-mail:

Frequently Asked Questions

What day of the week and times/timezones are the group zoom sessions?

We will alternative different days of the week and times to allow a balance of attendance of members around the world. initially we will experiment with Sundays and Mondays in the afternoon US/Canada time zones and evening/night UK times.

What happens if I miss a group zoom session? Can I watch a replay?

Yes! Good news a replay will be made available for you for you to watch anytime.

When can I cancel?

We'd love you to never cancel, however you can choose to cancel anytime. If you decide to cancel, you just need to pay up to the end of that calendar month and your membership continues for the same period.


Got any questions? E-mail:

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