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Your Tree of Awakening

I offer services to activate you at every stage of your soul growth.

From the deepest roots, to the highest vibe branches & leaves. 

Book my services which feel aligned to your stage in your awakening.

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Apply for Spiritual Mentoring


Newly Awakened Foundational 

Foundational Energy Healing, Unlock your daily practices


Quantum Healing Sessions

Energy Clearing, Healing, Spirit Guides, Past Life & Gift Activation


Hidden Witch Wound Past Life

Decode the steps to your awakening path & soul mission


Higherself Foundational

Meditation, Quantum Energy Healing, Clearing & Protection


Decode Your Awakening Path

Decode the steps to your awakening path & soul mission


Develop Your Daily Practice

Guided Meditations to Develop Your Practices

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Mindfulness 6 Week Classes

Learn Mindfulness & Meditation practices for people at all levels 


Negative Entity Removal

Remove negative entities, soul retrievals & exorcisms

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Talk With the Deceased

Talk with your loved ones that have transitioned

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