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Decode Your Awakening Quantum Healing Service

Who is this for? Do you feel:

✨️ You are going through new awakenings?

✨️ Did you just came off autopilot?

✨️ Don't fit in your life anymore?

✨️ Going through new experiences, new abilities?


Yes to any of the above? Then this service for you!

This is a 1:1 fully personalised session with Jon Binnie to Decode your Awakening Path.

By the end of this session you will:

🌟 Feel clear, energised and ready to progress on your awakening path.

🌟 Know what your awakening path, life mission and purpose are.

🌟 Know what daily practices will help you face your fears, shadows, and raise your vibes.

🌟 All sessions are recorded privately and e-mailed to you after the session for you to watch at any time.


The experience and benefits to you are as follows:

✨️ You will share your experiences in a safe non-judgemental space.

✨️ I hold space for you, actively listening with an open heart and compassion.

✨️ You will share your biggest challenges, and new experiences.

✨️ You will share what gifts you have coming through and what they mean.

✨️ I connect with your guides and highest-self, and answer the biggest questions that will help you the most on your journey.

✨️ We will perform an energy scan, clear and heal your energies.

✨️ You will discover your life mission and purpose.

✨️ We will hear from your guides the purpose of your awakening path, and aspects of your life you need to work on to progress along it.

✨️ Learn where are you on your journey.

✨️ Learn what daily practices and routines you need to implement to progress on your awakening path.


I love my work, and deeply care for all of my clients. It is my intention that you feel this throughout our sessions and follow up interactions. I look forward to working with and supporting you on your awakening journey.

Optional: Watch this video of Jon explaining this service:

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