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14 Day Spirit Guide Meditation Challenge


This Spirit Guide Meditation Challenge is ideal for you to develop your consistent practise, your energetic and metaphysical soul abilities. My Spirit Guide meditations are guided meditations I have developed as part of my daily meditation practice since 2017. I began meditation each day, connecting into Source (aka God/God Source/Highest Dimension of Love) and deep down into the heart of Mother Earth (Mother Gaia). By the end of this challenge you will be able to; 🔑 Connect into the Source of this Universe, and Mother Gaia. 🔑 Talk to your Spirit Guides. 🔑 Protect your energy, create energetic boundaries. 🔑 Remove negative entities and energies. 🔑 Heal your body, and calm your nervous system. 🔑 Innerchild Healing 🔑 Cord Cutting 🔑 Dream Life Manifestation 🔑 Universal Unity 🔑 And more! In these meditations I work with our Spirit Guides, Archangel Michael, Archangel Raphael and other Archangels. Whilst I do not consider myself religious, I do understand that some people consider Archangels as have religious connections.

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