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Quantum Healing Session

Quantum Clearing, Healing, Past Life Healing, Talk to Spirit Guides & Psychic Gift Activation

  • 1 h 30 min
  • 188 British pounds
  • The Life Academy Wellbeing Centre - Greenhill Park, Edinburgh|Client Place (Mobile Service - Jon travels from Dunbar to your home)|Online Zoom Call (Anywhere in the World)

Service Description

Who is this for? Do you feel; ✨️ You have been through spiritual awakenings? ✨️ You feel blocked and are ready for the next level? ✨️ Ready to clear and heal your past, present, parallel and future lives? ✨️ Hungry to breakthrough and activate your psychic super powers? Yes to any of the above? Then this service for you! By the end of this session you will: 🌟 Feel clear, energised and levelling up your awakening journey. 🌟 Be cleared of any negative energies, entities or cords holding you back. 🌟 Have retrieved, integrated and healed any soul fragments to feel whole once more. 🌟 Have activated psychic abilities & soul gifts. 🌟 Have met your spirit guides. 🌟 Know what daily practices you need to continue to develop your gifts. 🌟 A private recording of the full session for you to watch at any time. In this experience you will: ✨️ You will share your experiences in a safe non-judgemental space. ✨️ Have space held for you, where I actively listening with an open heart and compassion. ✨️ You will share your biggest challenges, and new experiences. ✨️ You will share what gifts you have coming through and what they mean. 🌟This is Divinely guided by your Higherself, Spirit Team and Source. As we heal you on a soul level in the present moment, you heal the parallel versions of yourself across space and time. We heal and clear away each major energy centre of lower vibrational energies, entities, and parasitic attachments. 🌟 During the session Jon will set up a safe space around you, and take you into a deep guided meditation where he brings in your spirit team to work through darkness clearing, healing and soul retrieval. 🌟 Each session is unique, led by your spirit guides working with Jon to give you the right help, at the right time and right vibe for you. Sessions are different every time and likely include several of the following; 1. Full Energy and Body scan to identify areas which need the most attention. 2  Removal, clearing and healing of any negative energy or entity attachment.  3. Exorcism of any negative beings that need removed. 4. Reintegration and healing of all of your soul aspects, so you can be a whole soul once more. 5. Past/Present/Parallel/Future life regression and healing to find the causes of your soul fragments, blocks and areas that need healed. 6. Activation of your gifts, now you are cleared and healed. 7. Discussion with your spirit guides on how to practice and continually develop your gifts each day.

Cancellation Policy

Requests for cancellation and refunds are considered on a case by case basis, are at the discretion of Jon Binnie, and are not guaranteed. If you do not show up for your booked session, then you will still be charged for the full session. Contact Jon Binnie at if you have any further questions.

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