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Advanced 7 Chakra Energy Healing Clearing & Activation


7 Chakra Energy Healing, Clearing & Activation Training Welcome beautiful soul. The intention of this training is to teach energy healing, clearing and activation of your many spiritual gifts that your soul has earned through many lifetimes. ​ What are the training sessions? These quantum meditation sessions are recorded sessions that you sit down and listen to as a guided meditation in the suggested order of; 1) Intro, 2) Connect with your Spirit Guides, 3) Crown Charka, 4) Third Eye Charka, 5) Throat Charka, 6) Heart Charka, 7) Solar Plexus Charka, 8) Sacral Charka, 9) Root Charka, 10) Energy Healing Activation, 11) Bonus video, and 12) Completion session. How was this training created? After performing energy healing, clearing and gift activation sessions for hundreds of happy clients, I was guided to create a training course to teach others. And wow! What an incredible journey creating this training course. It is a truly magical experience creating this timeless course with my Spirit Guides, Archangels, Source and Gaia. And much to my surprise I could see the souls who take the training, all during the creation of the Connect to Your Spirit Guides session, 7 Chakra Sessions and Energy Healing Foundations. It really made the experience so fun and exciting. Who can attend this training? Anyone. Really anyone. There are no prerequisites. You just need to have an open heart, and give yourself permission to commit to the training session videos and to receive the healing.

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