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All Daily Spirit Guide Meditations | Develop Your Meditation Practice | Activate Your Psychic Abilites | Quantum Energy Healing & Clearing


My Spirit Guide meditations are guided meditations I have developed as part of my daily meditation practice since 2017. I began meditation each day, connecting into Source (aka God/God Source/Highest Dimension of Love) and deep down into the heart of Mother Earth (Mother Gaia). You can then progress through the range of Spirit Guide meditations to do your inner work and develop your own soul gifts and abilities. Meditations include; 🔑 Quantum Energy protection, clearing & healing 🔑 Negative Entity removal 🔑 Talk To Your Spirit Guides 🔑 Nightmare Prevention & Protection 🔑 Body Healing 🔑 Calming Your Nervous System 🔑 Sleep Apnia & Self Love 🔑 Negative Cord Cutting In these meditations I work with our Spirit Guides, Archangel Michael, Archangel Raphael and other Archangels. Whilst I do not consider myself religious, I do understand that some people consider Archangels as have religious connections. Hi I'm Jon Binnie, and I'm a Spiritual Mentor. My mission is to help you; 🔑 Decode Your Awakening Path 🔑 Raise Vibes Through Sacred Song 🔑 Come back into alignment with your ❤️ 👉 👉 email Since my awakening in 2017, I continue to help clients around the world through hundreds of 1:1 and small group client sessions offering a range of services including; foundational meditation sessions for the newly awakened, talking with your spirit guides, chakra energy healing, past life regression, astral travel through space and time, starseed origins, negative energy/entity clearing, exorcism, soul retrieval, highest timeline and psychic gift activations. Please check out the services and training on my website: Thank you. Sending my love from Scotland. Jon Binnie

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