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Higherself Intermediate Training (v1)

8 Week Training Course Teaching Everything Jon Binnie knows in a

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Online Zoom Call

Service Description

Total Cost £444 GBP for the 8 week course. Starts 4th August 2024, 8pm UK time, 3pm ET, 12 PT Intermediate (Highest Self) Training Course teaching everything Spiritual Mentor - Jon Binnie has learned over many lifetimes helping hundreds of people. Delivered as an 8 week online course with weekly 1.5 hour group Zoom sessions. Who this course is for; ✨️ Reiki Healers, Tarot Readers, Psychic Mediums, Quantum Healers, Spiritual Mentors/Coachers & Teachers. ✨️ People who hold a completion certificate for the Higherself Foundational Training Course, or equivalent training from Jon Binnie (reviewed on a case by case basis). ✨️ Complete the application questionnaire to ensure this course is at the right level for you. Why would you take this course? ✨️ You want to level up your metaphysical skills and abilities including crystal clear channeling from your spirit guides, limitless quantum energy protection/clearing/healing, learn past life regression, healing witch wounds, removing and protection from negative entities, cord cutting, soul retrieval, grid work, developing your 1:1 & ongoing client sessions, doing live readings/sessions and building your dream life/dream business. ✨️ Week 1 - Quantum Energy Healing - Chakra Scan and Healing/Entity Removal/Gift Activation. Different types of Light Language. Home tasks - Daily spirit guide meditations. ✨️ Week 2 - Past Life Regression and Healing - Hidden Witch Wounds. Identify your super powers. ✨️ Week 3 - Your shadow work, facing your greatest fears. Negative attachments, protection against attacks, clearing someone’s home. Differences between cords, attachments. ✨️ Week 4 - Running a client session. Safe Space. Bring forward a Spirit Guide for a Client. Talk to them. Set the Intention. Do the work. Mediumship. Readings for others. ✨️ Week 5 - Soul Retrieval. Go to Hell. Retrieve soul fragment. Heal and integrate. Your health. Your energy. Clearing. Grounding/ Protection. ✨️ Week 6 - Grid work. Sacred sites. Past lives. Planet grid activation. Gatekeepers of the grid. ✨️ Week 7 - Multiple client sessions. Continuous progression. Receiving messages in between. Live client readings and quantum sessions. ✨️ Week 8 - Getting started in your own business. Vision. Dream Life. Gaps. Actions. Services. Divinely guided. Matching and raising your clients vibes. Booking sessions. Continuous development. ✨️Next steps after this course include 1:1 sessions, 3 to 6 month mentoring and the advanced training course.

Cancellation Policy

Requests for cancellation and refunds are considered on a case by case basis, are at the discretion of Jon Binnie, and are not guaranteed. If you do not show up for your booked session, then you will still be charged for the full session. Contact Jon Binnie at if you have any further questions.

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