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3 Keys To Your Awakening Program


Who is this for? Do you feel: ​ You are going through new awakenings? You are alone? Your frequency is rising? You just came off autopilot? Don't fit in your life anymore? Purging, facing your shadows? Ringing in your ears? Going through new experiences, new abilities? You've woken up, but everyone else is sleeping? Don't feel safe in relationships, family, friends or work? Feel like something is trying to communicate with you? If it's a yes to any of these questions, this is the workshop for you! ​ In this workshop you will learn: ​ 1. Spiritual hygiene clearing your energy & mindful consumption - The basics of energy; protection through intention, grounding, clear yourself & your space - You are what you consume; food, drink, toxic relationships, news, TV & social media ​ 2. Setting Your Frequency & Vibrations - Energy first universe; frequencies of emotions, low to high vibes, feelings create your reality - Low vibration emotions; and energetic attacks, keeping high vibe & present ​ 3. Unlocking Your Manifestation - How to manifest your dream life; how it feels in your body in the now moment - Creating your order for the Universe; intention setting & highest-self decision making ​ Group Energy Clearing: - I will lead you through an energetic clearing, removing anything that does not serve your highest good. - I will fill you with the highest vibration light of love, leaving you feeling lighter, brighter, energised and ready to take big steps forwards in your awakening

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