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Practitioners Energy Protection & Clearing Spirit Guide Meditations


This meditation challenge has been requested by a range of clients and friends including Reiki Healers, Nurses, Quantum Healers, Reflexologists, Massage Therapists, Tattoo artists, Counsellors, Psychotherapists and more! Protecting, and clearing your energy as part of your regular practice is vital to your sustainable health, the service you give to others, and the energetic and physical health of your clients This is a 5-day challenge is a mini series of meditation practices for practitioners and care givers. These short guided meditations are each under 10 minutes. You repeat the three 3 key meditation practices every day for 5 days to deepen your practice ans gain your certificate. These meditations include; ✨️ Energy Protection - for before service to others, such a client session or treatment. This can be at the start of the day, or prior to each client service. Creating a protective layer around you to prevent negative energies or entities attaching. ✨️ Energy Scan & Clearing - for use between service to others treatments, sessions etc. Scanning through chakras. Identifying any issues. Clearing unwanted energies and entities. ✨️ Energy Clearing - For use at the end of the day. Washing away any energy and entities that do not serve your highest good. Are you ready for this challenge? It's totally free. And you get a fancy completion certificate from a professional Spiritual Mentor & Founder (me!). I look forward you to participating in this challenge. I always get excited when I receive your feedback on each meditation throughout the challenge! I'm there right with you, reading your feedback, your experiences and you can ask me questions any time.

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  • (Optional) Introduction Video
  • Energy Protection for Practitioners
  • How was the Practitioner Energy Protection Meditation?
  • Energy Scan & Clearing for Practitioners
  • How was this Practitioner Energy Scan/Clearing Meditation

Included in Plans



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