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Jon's News! "How Jon's Mentorship Changed My Life" 💚

Jon's Latest Offerings

Higherself Foundational Training (v2)

Higherself Foundational Training - 8 week Zoom Online Training Course - Quantum Energy Healing, Clearing & Protection - Negative Energy/Entity Removal - Spiritual Hygiene - Manifest Dream Life - Shadow Work - Talk To Your Spirit Guides - Psychic Gift Activation - Advanced Topics - Certificate

Highest Self Membership Group

Highest Self Membership Group - Two Live Group Zoom Sessions per month (replays are available) - Quantum Energy Clearing & Healing - Astral Adventures - Psychic Gift Activations - Spiritual & Business Mentoring in our membership group - Weekly Challenges - Earn Rewards

Hi, it's Jon Binnie

I'm a Spiritual Mentor & Certified Mindfulness Now Teacher. My mission is mentoring you on your Spiritual Journey, Teaching Meditation & Quantum Energy Healing, Activating Your Psychic Gifts, Entity Removal & High Vibration Songs.

Check out my latest news!

Just started your meditation or awakening journey?

Or more advanced on your path?

Want to deepen your meditation practice? Raise your vibes? Develop self love? Talk to your guides?

Since my awakening in 2017, I continue to help clients around the world through hundreds of 1:1 and small group sessions offering a range of services including; mindfulness meditations, foundational meditation sessions for the newly awakened, talking with your spirit guides, chakra energy healing, past life regression, astral travel through space and time, soul origins, negative energy/entity clearing, exorcism, soul retrieval, highest timeline and psychic gift activations. I have helped hundreds of happy clients raise their vibes, heal, clear, activate their gifts and step into their highest timelines.

Jon Binnie Photo in nature
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