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Hi, it's Jon Binnie

I'm a Spiritual Mentor, 

helping you decode your awakening path. I raise vibes through sacred songs, inspired through daily meditation. I help you come back into alignment with your heart ❤️

Are you newly awakened?


Or are you more advanced in your spiritual journey?

Good news, I can help you!

Since my awakening in 2017, I continue to help clients around the world through hundreds of 1:1 and small group client sessions offering a range of services including; foundational meditation sessions for the newly awakened, talking with your spirit guides, chakra energy healing, past life regression, astral travel through space and time, starseed origins, negative energy/entity clearing, exorcism, soul retrieval, highest timeline and psychic gift activations. I have helped hundreds of happy clients raise their vibes, heal, clear, activate their gifts and step into their highest timelines.

Since my first big spiritual awakening in 2017 I have been meditating every day. I quickly began talking to my spirit guides and receiving daily messages which I turn into meditation messages and sacred songs to raise people's vibes. This dedicated daily practice has reactivated many spiritual abilities in me from thousands of lifetimes. 

On this magical journey I have channelled over 2,222 songs and hold the Guinness World Record for the most studio albums digitally released (110). All this whilst keeping down to Earth, balancing marriage, parenthood, my corporate job, hobbies including tour Scotland and England in our campervan.

Below are links to my services and training. If you would like a Mini Intro & Alignment Call or a full session click

Book Now Online below.


Develop Your Meditation Practice

7 Chakra Energy Healing & Clearing

Advanced Training - Level up your spiritual growth

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